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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  February 28, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 6:00. on your side. >> we begin with storm watch tonight. some light rain is all that is left after a powerful line of storms pushed through our area. >> doug hill as live in the weather center. when can we expect? maybe a few more showers later tonight when the skies are clear. in the belfort furniture weather center, you can see the yellow and orange which is the heavier wet, rain. a couple of rain totals of the weatherbug network which is indicative of the type of rain. children's hospital had the most with 1.09 inches of rain. 0.7 inch in oakton and about the same in bethesda.
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a severe weather outbreak under way from the south carolina- north carolina border from jordan into alabama. in it appears to be a much gentler weather pattern. more for you in a few minutes. a showdown over spending. >> most are hoping to avoid an imminent government shutdown and the deadline is just days away. rebecca cooper joins us live from capitol hill with the latest. >> republicans say they may now be willing to compromise on a short-term spending deal. and what the democrats to cut another $4 billion including earmarks that have already been allotted. that is not already a done deal. the senate is back in session and debating patent reform. but they say they are very concerned that the compromise may not come in time for friday's deadline. >> here and the italian gourmet deli in alexander, workers are
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worried that if congress does not clean up their mess that they could be out of work. they depend on workers from the patent office just off of eisenhower avenue. the manager says he may not be able to make payroll at the patent office shutdown. >> my employees are very worried. >> to the thousands of workers could still be furloughed. >> congress has to authorize the spending that we have. a large campus, they could feel the pinch. >> will we have a government shutdown? yes or no? >> i have bills to pay and they always come through for us. >> congressional leaders are at an impasse. president obama told the nation's governors. merck compromise. >> as we make the decisions about our budget going forward, i believe everyone should be at
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the table and the concept of shared sacrifice should prevail. >> a two-week short-term spending agreement is in the works. >> is that the end of the story? probably not. >> tomorrow, the house will be back in session and immediately begin debating the temporary two-week funding proposal. that is that a proposal to fund the government for the rest of the year. right now, both republicans and democrats say the other side is asking too much when it comes to compromise. reporting live from the capital, rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. we are following a developing story from the naval academy in annapolis. they are investigating midshipmen for using a synthetic marijuana. eight midshipmen have been expelled and several more are being investigated. the herbal substance is legal but they are no longer allowed
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to sell in stores because of health concerns. it is considered a banned substance by the defense department and the navy's . one flight today turned into a scary experience. a continental jet liner had to make an emergency landing just after takeoff from reagan national airport and it ended miles away at dulles. 1559 was heading south near the potomac when trouble began. they saw fire coming out of the left engine. >> it looked like it was going to be ok then it started to bank to the right and lose altitude. >> the flight was quickly diverted and landed safely. none of the 44 passengers were hurt. the international community is uniting to oust a libyan leader, muammar gaddafi. the european union imposed the sanctions against libya and at the u.n., secretary of state
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hillary clinton planned to help refugees fleeing the country. the pentagon announced they are repositioning air and naval forces near the embattled country. amid all of this, the doctor says he will not step down. we are live in -- gaddafi says he will not step down. >> this is the largest set of financial sanctions ever imposed by the u.s. $30 billion of libyan assets in the u.s. accounts have been frozen. now, movement on the military front in the white house says all options are on the table. as this massive movement inches towards tripoli, the protesters were given a big boost today from washington. >> we are looking for freedom. we have a cause. >> sanctions on like any before. $30 billion of gaddafi's money is frozen and warships repositioned to aid in the possible no-fly zone so his air force cannot attack protesters. secretary clinton in geneva.
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>> it is time for gaddafi to go. now. without further violence or delayed. >> that scenario proposed today by abc's news. >> will you leave libya? [laughter] >> they love me all. >> it sounds, frankly, delusional. when he can laugh and talk to international journalists while he is wandering his own people, it only underscores -- slaughtering his own people come and underscores how unfit he is to lead. >> they say it is too early to discuss any military assistance. all the while, evacuees keep flooding the borders in tunisia, almost 1000 per hour. in retaliation for those
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sanctions, gaddafi has now fired his ambassador to the united states and replaced him with a so-called "loyalist." he insists there have been no attacks against demonstrators and denies that there are even protests against him. in egypt tonight, the military has forbidden hosni mubarak from leaving the country. this comes days after their assets were frozen. the family could be worth anywhere between $1-$7 billion depending on the estimate you look at. this happened after 18 days of violent protests demanding his resignation. mubarak is living in seclusion with his family. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, the president may be offering a compromise on his landmark health-care bill. >> navigations from a former d.c. government staffer.
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the man behind the biggest ponzi scheme in history has a grudge against the government. he calls the new furniture reform "a joke." he thinks the government is a
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ponzi scheme. the 72-year-old accuses the bank says caming people out of millions of dollars. he is serving a 100-50 year sentence for stealing billions of dollars from investors. -- serving 150-year sentence. the president says the states can create their own plans and submit them until 2014. he originally said that would wait until 2017. this would still put all the goals of the health-care law and those changes may not add to the federal deficit. virginia and 26 other states have filed a lawsuit to repeal the health-care law. a former aide to d.c. mayor vince and gray was fired last week. he was an auditor in the health- care finance department. there were allegations that he was a stock. the mayor. and today on "newstalk" he
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talks about the allegations that he was stalking the mayor. >> they said if he did not take care of the situation with me that his nomination would be an issue and the situation regarding me stunk. i believe that the mayor has lack of leadership. >> he denies the stock. allegations. -- the stalking allegations. the last surviving world war i veteran died. frank buckels died at 110 years old. he lied about his age and unlisted and 16 years old. he served in england and france. he has pushed for a world war i memorial near the capital.
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businesses to have been here are afraid they are being forced out of business. we will tell you about that story next. >> changes are on their way and dog has the forecast of. >> what a day in sports? harper makes his debut against the mets and the nfl deadline.
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tomorrow, a massive project will begin in the heart of a popular d.c. neighborhood. >> it will get a facelift on 18th street nw. this could destroy some local businesses. >> i hope the construction will not be too hard to deal with. >> at the sidewalks will soon be a wider and parking, crosswalks, and drainage better. >> the end product will be beautiful. >> it is one of the 150 local establishments to say this $9 billion makeover may massacre
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their businesses. >> they are digging up the streets. in the end, they will be digging a lot of graves for the small businesses. >> the have been heavily involved in this negotiation of the king of for the best interest of the businesses and have successfully lobbied for rules for anyone business to be blocked for an extended period of time and have encouraged them to finish this work as quickly as possible. >> would help speed up the project. >> they question the timing giving the recession and see faults in the wording of construction signs. >> there is a sign asking them to seek alternative routes. >> the work will likely last 15 months. some say they are already feeling the pain. >> the have already come through to do entrenching worker. it eliminated are daytime business. but it was a ghost town during the daytime hours. >> in northwest, abc7 news.
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rain is it finished in the city but moving from south east. this week will get mighty cold. this time of year, it will get called for a day or two but move right back up again. let's take a look at the weatherbug. a live shot from the rooftop camera. looking at traffic across the teddy roosevelt bridge. some additional showers or two this evening possible. we showed you earlier the rain totals. here are some of the wind gusts. 53 mile per hour in ijamsville. 44 miles per hour in woodbridge. this is moving south and east from the city. heavier rain on the eastern shore. here is a full view on the
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storms can which shows the structure from new england -- stormscan which shows this stretch from new england to alabama. this is a cold front. showerse even a few in pa. skies will clear beyond midnight. a full check of the numbers. 72 degrees at reagan national. the final day of february, the fourth time this month we have been 70 or better. 50 is the average high with 0.6 inches of rain at reagan national. 60 degrees in fredericksburg. further west, temperatures are starting to fall. colder air behind the front, but that will wait until this storm system moves out of the picture and wind will be out of the northwest and high pressure will build in which temperatures only in the mid 40's tomorrow.
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34 in the city, 43 midday, and a big-time warmup as we had through the day wednesday. another cold front will drop temperatures on thursday, warming up by sunday, maybe more rain is sunday night into monday. always they did it with the latest forecasts on -- stay up to date with the latest from >> the toyota sports desk. right to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> goodbye clinton portis. not a big surprise. he was released by the redskins today ending his seven seasons here in washington. he was due more than $8 million next season. he played in 13 games in the last two years. he turns 30 next season and he is 77 yards short of 10,000 career yards which is a lot of mileage. he leaves washington 648 yards
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shy of the franchise record. this was a money decision. it makes sense financially. the capitals active today before the 3:03 deadline. they acquired a defensive player from florida with a prospect. then they sent to david in the 2012 pick to new jersey. he waved his no trade clause said that he could draw in the capitals. a crazy day for the hockey club. caps practice was anything but quiet. >> and their bragging day for everyone. >> hours before the trade deadline, they added a panther'' defense of men to the roster. >> a solid man who has played down really good defensive teams and he plays lots of minutes. >> this will give the caps boost in roster depth.
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>> we only have six healthy defensive men. >> they will get help from former kings forward who has claimed off of waivers. >> slowly getting into it. it has been a crazy 48 hours for me. >> one player who will be around is matt hendrix a recently signed a two-year extension. he will be happy when all of this is over. >> you can relax and realize that this is the group that we have. this is our team that we will be going to war with the. >> abc7 sports. the national's played their first spring game and beat the mets 9-3. all eyes were on bryce harper. he struck out twice and was used as a pinch runner. he showed a quick bat and a lot of power here in the seventh. this was a two-run shot. nats over mets, 9-3.
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north carolina win over maryland put them in the first place. as the terps battle, williams with 16. the experience the guys that you count on, they've had only eight of their 25 shots for maryland. they close out the regular season in -- at home against virginia. george mason has moved into the top 25 of the coaches' poll. he gave up his entire salary for next season, and the potentially could play for a contender next year. there you have that. year. there you have that.
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coming up tonight at 11, more details from the oscars. confessions from a local oscar voters. get the scoop on how the oscar votes go down. a fascinating look inside the academy awards tonight at 11:00. >> it must be a challenge to forecast this weather. >> it is crazy. seasons change day-by-day. the rain is moving to the south and east with varying the violent weather in that line of red. a few showers later tonight after the cold front comes through. tomorrow we start out in the the
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